Monday, 25 April 2016

Halloween Cupboard

I few months back I found a fantastic company called Calico Craft Parts they sell wood and MDF shapes, plaques and craft blanks. Not only are their products excellent quality they are also really inexpensive.

I started by gluing most of the pieces together before painting the outside with green crackle paint and the inside with matt grey acrylic.
I wanted to add lots of "mystical" items to create a wizards cupboard, I struggled a bit because I had an idea of what I wanted and I needed it to be just right.
The crystal ball is actually a glass marble stuck on top of two metal bead caps, the glass jar is full of plastic skull beads, the large skull bead has a painted mdf crow on top of it (also available from Calico Craft Parts)

I toyed with the idea of books on the top shelf and even printed off some mini book covers, but I had a sudden flash of inspiration and thought scrolls which much more fitting for a wizened old wizard.
All I need now was the front of the cupboard, this had been painted black and the spider and webs touched up with a bit of silver gilding wax. The 'spooky' was a separate word that I painted silver so it wuld stand out from the rest of the front.

This now stands pride of place on my mantle at home.

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