Monday, 29 June 2009

It's been a hot day at work again today so all we did was stand near the fan, moved a bit of stuff round then I made a felt hedgehog and Teresa made a voodoo doll. It was fun until a delivery man turned up with 14 boxes of stuff. Just a shame I was going home in about 15 minutes, why do they always do that?

It's Dave the penguin. Craig thought he was cute until he saw him in the felt, he's about 2inches tall and looks a bit like a weeble.
Help, help there some meany jabbing me with a neddle bigger than me. He he! I loved creating my lopsided little purple pod person. Craig says she looks like a hoodie thug, personally I think he's a nasty boy.
This is my little felted frog I gave to Lynn. Miss you little froggie I hope she's looking after you.

Monday, 22 June 2009

This is the felt sign I made for Teresa at work because we were soooooooo bored. She made a very cute alien thing, it was lots of fun even though we were working.
The best bit was making her hold this sign up in front of the security camera. Haha
This one is a little devil which I thought was rather cute.

Hooray this is my little felted pumpkin, regardless of what everyone else thought at work, it is not a stumpy carrot with a face on.
This is my little felted owl although he isn't quiet finished yet cos he needs a few more chest feathers. I was a little bored at work so this iis how I spent my day. If I ever get my bloody pics to work I'll put my other creations on here.