Thursday, 9 April 2015

Happy Birthday for Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day and my Mum is very difficult to buy for, as I imagine many Mum's are, so I decided to go for a practical yet fun present. I bought a Birthday's board kit from Peakdale Crafts, this consists of a blank board, the letters to spell out 'Birthday', hooks, wooden discs, wooden hearts and several wooden decorations.The mini letters and stags were from my own craft stash.

I painted the board and the discs with cream paint, the hearts with read and the letters with gold.
I wrote each family members name and day of birth on the discs with Promarkers, the little hearts have her five grandchildren on. I then attached each one to the relevant month hook.

I then glued the letters of the month, the 'Birthday' letters and stags onto the main board.

I then used gold gilding wax along the top of the board and on the stags antlers just to give it a bit of bling.

Finally I added a bit of hemp to the top for a hanger and crossed my fingers she liked it, thankfully she did and has been proudly showing it off to anyone who visits.

The sad thing was I had intended to pyrograph the names onto the bare wood but couldn't find my pyrography tool until after I had finished it (damn pixies again).

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